The Art of the Hoop

Hoop art is a broad term that can mean any sort of art or craft that incorporates a hoop in part or whole. Hoop art includes the traditional crafts of beading, embroidery, and knitting, to more modern crafts such as found object assemblage, sculpture, and installation art. At the very least, it makes a hoop a useful, if unstylish, tool. Hoop art is a way for people to creatively utilize a hoop to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The idea of a hoop is simple. It is a circular piece of wood or metal that is bent into a circle. In the simplest case, the hoop is a round disk with a hole in the exact center. As long as the material is strong enough to withstand the stress from bending, the shape of the hoop is not important. The disk is bent in a circle until the ends meet to form a complete circle. The hole in the hoop allows a string to be threaded through the hoop and then tied in a knot, thus holding the hoop together.

Diksha Kiri

Hoop art is usually done by people who are interested in art, but perhaps do not have the resources to make large-scale art, like paintings or sculpture. Hoop art is done by people who want to express themselves in some way, but do not have the resources to create large-scale art pieces. The hoop is an inexpensive material that can be found at most craft stores. It is also easily modified, so that it is possible to create many different types of hoop art.

The first hoop art pieces were created thousands of years ago. Necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry were fashioned out of hoops by ancient civilizations. They were not called hoop art at that time, of course, but they were still pieces of hoop art. Hoop art has been made throughout the ages by people with different talents, skills, and interests.

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